Lady Dora

I’m a swiss dominatrix. With my tallness of 184 cm, I go through my life sovereign. My appearance and my naturally dominant aura are perceived as fascinating and intimidating, and are appealing to you. So I will make you, to what you want and what you are!

I act according to the principle “safe, sane and consensual”. My actions are characterized by authenticity, character, style and dignity. I approach my victim and toys, and act situationally, taking into account the respective personality. My gaze is enough to fix you, to tie you up and to get from you the unconditional esteem that belongs to me.

I master the psychological game of anxiety and unpredictability associated with an extreme stimulus associated with your physical pain and your willingness to suffer for me.

As a classical dominatrix, the basic theme, the compelling play of closeness and distance paired with passionate sadism, is naturally self-evident to me. The psychological and physical alignments and formations are strictly, inevitably and purposefully. My will, which guides me and structures you, is pure dominion.

For an overview of my practices, see “Portfolio”.

I attach importance to good manners and neatness. Punctuality, respect and obedience, as well as the submission of your application, I presuppose.